8 Reasons Your Furnace May Be Leaking on the Floor

November 17, 2021

Issues with furnaces can range from minor to major, but they all result in an unpleasant experience. Issues with the furnace can be hard to identify. A common problem that many homeowners run into is a leaking furnace. While this is not necessarily a complicated or expensive issue, it does have the potential of being both if the problem is not fixed in time. Luckily, our professionals are here to help. Our technicians can identify and repair any issues your furnace might be having. Here are some of the reasons why your furnace is leaking on the floor. 1. Seal Failure One of the most common reasons for a furnace to leak is because of a seal failure. Several seals are located on the furnace, and one of them is the primary seal. This seal is located at the bottom of your furnace between it and the floor. It helps keep your home free of any fumes that the furnace may give off while it’s running, which means that if this seal is faulty, then gas can travel into your home. Fortunately, the replacement of this seal is an easy fix, and it will ensure that your furnace is not...

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