Will Air Conditioning Remove Home Humidity?

October 15, 2020

If you’ve lived in Boling-lago for long, you know it’s not the heat but the humidity that makes summer days unbearable. Therefore, anything you can do to reduce the humidity in your environment will help to make you much more comfortable. Given that your home’s air conditioner plays an important role in keeping you comfortable, it makes sense that this device should be able to help remove humidity as well. To learn more about what your air conditioner is capable of, we at offer this guide to explain air conditioning and humidity. Removing More Than Heat When your air conditioner runs, it circulates refrigerant at varying temperatures and pressures to absorb heat from your home. Once the refrigerant is outside, your outdoor unit compresses the refrigerant so it can release the heat into the atmosphere. To be able to capture heat from your home, the refrigerant has to be lowered in temperature so that it’s lower than the ambient air temperature in your home. The good news is when the temperature of the refrigerant is lower than the temperature of your home, the temperature of the pipe that the refrigerant is in is also lower than the temperature of your...

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