9 Steps to Seal the Inside of Your Ductwork

November 20, 2020

You already know that sealing your ducts saves money on utility costs and protects the lifespan of your HVAC system. Once you realize your ductwork needs to be sealed, you may wonder how to go about the job. The traditional way to seal ducts is to apply a special metal tape or sealant to the exterior, yet this can be challenging and time-consuming with unpredictable results. Sealing the interior of ductwork is a new innovation that simplifies the process and ensures a good, energy-saving outcome. Here are nine steps to follow when sealing the inside of the ductwork in your home. 1. Gather Materials First, you need to gather the materials needed for sealing your ductwork, including: Aerosol sealant product and sprayer Blower fan Foam rubber Wide tape Tool to run a pressurized blower test 2. Remove Vent Covers Remove the covers from the supply and return vents of your heating system. This gives you access to the ductwork for cleaning and sealing. 3. Clean the Ducts Aerosol products that are used to seal ductwork from the inside need to adhere properly to the metal walls. You should begin this project by cleaning the duct and removing any dust, dirt,...

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