Do Professional Ultra Violet Lights Improve Indoor Air Quality?

March 3, 2018

Does your family suffer from severe allergies, even when you’re in the house?  Are you worried about the air quality of your home?  One of the solutions for improving the air quality inside a home is ultraviolet lighting placed in the air handler of your HVAC system.  This UV light will kill microbes, and can even be instrumental in making air cleaner by eliminating mold problems in the air ducts. Bacteria live in the air ducts of nearly every home. When the HVAC is turned on, those bacteria are spread throughout the home.  UV lights are a proven way to protect your home. They also help your family breathe easy by killing that bacteria.  Basically, the UV rays attack the germs and make them powerless to affect people or pets. Ultraviolet lights can be focused on drain pans and cooling coils, stopping mold and other harmful bacteria before it can even start.  The addition of a UV light can not only remove allergens, mold, mildew, and bacteria, but it can also help lower your energy costs by allowing coils to operate more efficiently. Hunter’s Air & Heat, Inc. helps make certain that your HVAC system protects you and your family,...

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